GBC History

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Our History.

GBC, Nov 19th, 1939
Goodwill Baptist, Nov 19, 1939

Goodwill Baptist Church had its beginning on Sunday night, February 11, 1939 when a small group of believers met for prayer in a home. About 25 people along with the pastor and his wife chose to separate from a local Baptist church to get back to living what the Bible taught. A month later, they purchased an acre of land for $200 and broke ground to build a building. A $5 donation began the building fund. Pastor Jacobson did most of the work. Small donations were given & they were given a lot of building materials. They began using it for services as soon as the roof was put on. The building was expensive costing all of $700 and the pastor said he thought the building was worth at least $2,000. It took about seven months to build it. Pews were bought from another church. Nine months from their first meeting, the church building was completed being dedicated on November 19, 1939 at which time, the church became official when those attending signed to be charter members. That building today is used as the youth building.

In 1946, an educational building was built to use for classes. In 1949, a parsonage was built next door to the church and today that building serves as our mission house. In 1954, an adjoining lot was purchased and three years later, the church took out a loan for $25,000 to build a sanctuary, where we meet today.

In 1968, the church built a new educational building which is still used today for that purpose. Ten years later, we purchased another adjoining lot and in 1982 built a gymnasium with a fellowship hall which is still used today.

GBC today

Over the past few years, the church has purchased additional adjoining property to plan for future growth. The church has obtained loans several times in order to purchase property, but with great praise to the Lord, all loans were repaid in a timely fashion and the church stands today debt free.

In its 75 year history, the church has had nine pastors. On March 15, Rollin Mohler became pastor #10, and we trust he will be with us for many years to come.