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About Our Leadership

GBC's leadership consists of our Senior Pastor, Rollin Mohler, our associate Pastor to the Seniors, Harold Dimmitt, our Intern and Youth Leader, Derrick Hicks and our Deacons.

Rollin Mohler
Rollin Mohler became the Senior Pastor at Goodwill Baptist Church in the spring of 2014. Prior to serving at Goodwill, he worked at a Christian high school in Florida and was the pastor of a church in Pennsylvania. Rollin has a Bachelor's degree in... read more
Harold Dimmitt
Harold Dimmitt became a pastor of a church in Hawaii for five years before retiring from the U.S. Navy. He served that church for another five years after which he and his wife Ann planted a new church where he served as pastor for another 12 years... read more
Jim Lawrence
Jim was a founding Pioneer director of Goodwill Baptist’s Awana Clubs, started in 1973. Prior to his second term as Commander he was the adult choir director for 18 years. His wife Faith directed the children’s choir. He is the church treasurer,... read more
Tim Morse
Tim Morse grew up in Massachusetts but has lived in Virginia with his wife Linda since 1983 when they were also married.  They have five children and five grandchildren.  They began attending GBC in 2006 when they moved to the Richmond... read more